Why We're Different

We know and love the vineyards, people, and dedication required to make extraordinary and distinctive wines.

Our Story

We are constantly speaking with, visiting and selling the great wines of our producers as VINTUS, one of the leading fine wine importers in the United States, Wine Enthusiast Importer of the Year 2017 and Wine & Spirits Importer of the Year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Over the years, however, we realized that we do not have an effective way to speak to the people actually drinking our wines.

We decided to create Fida. Not to sell a lot of wine, or to sell wine that is available through our fantastic trade partners throughout the 50 U.S. states, or to go beyond the narrow range of estates we work with directly. We want to speak with passionate wine lovers about our estates. Though we do it every day through the hundreds upon hundreds of tastings, dinners and other activities across the U.S., as a trade-focused business we can't keep up the conversation or effectively share the amazing stories we hear about from our producers on a weekly basis.

We want to go deeper. We know why our producers are so extraordinary, and we hope that by making a deeper connection with you, you'll understand, appreciate and, above all, enjoy their wines even more. We offer limited quantities of older vintages of our producers' collectibles, small lots of wines that do not make it to our country, and even some special projects we've worked on together. These unique and unforgettable wines bring intimacy and texture to the stories around our producers.

Fida is also a commitment. Just as our visionary producers obsess over details to create some of the world's most brilliant wines, we commit to bringing you their wines in the best possible condition. We ship directly from our producers (or in the case of Bordeaux, from negociants who have purchased directly from estates) on a date noted, shipped in refrigerated container, and stored at our warehouse under temperature control since a date noted. Each bottle of wine receives individual attention from our producers, and deserve it from us.

We also commit to you the exceptional service that lovers of these wines deserve, making someone deeply knowledgeable about each estate readily available.

We do not have the quantity of wine or desire to have these wines available at large. Fida works through a $1,000 annual fee that goes against all purchases for 12 months, allowing you to see our offers and activities. Anyone coming to this site for the first time will not have access to our full range of offers and services. If after six months you do not want to continue, we will refund the full unused portion of the fee.

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Our Team

Our Team

We have the confidence of our partners to handle their wines in the United States. That confidence comes from the decades of success in the fine wine business, which entails not only a profound passion and understanding of fine wine, but the background in building brands and business in a complex industry.

Chairman Michael Quinttus left a career in Law in the early 1980s in order to start afresh in the wine business. In that time he has introduced to the U.S. estates that transformed the industry, such as Ornellaia and Cloudy Bay, and in 2004 started VINTUS, which has grown to become one of the top fine wine importers in the country, with we believe the greatest portfolio of the world's leading estates. Chief Executive Officer Alex Michas has been with Michael since 2005, and serves as EVP/COO at VINTUS; with a background in software, his passion for wine is only equaled by his interest in technology and systems. Director of Client Services Santosh Varghese brings several years' experience working with leading estates at VINTUS, as well as a background on the wine auction side of the industry. Director of Consumer Marketing Alyssa Faden comes from a PR background in which she has managed the public relations efforts of leading alcohol beverage companies as well as Fortune 500 companies outside the industry. Director of Logistics Konstantine Sukhovarov has helmed the sophisticated operations at VINTUS for over a decade, bringing macro sophistication to managing micro bottles.

Featured Producers

A list of some of our producers, benchmark estates producing some of the most sought after wines in the world. Some you will know, others we can't wait to introduce to you.


We want you to meet our producers in person. We know that once you have a conversation with them, you’ll understand how their wines reflect their personalities, eccentricities and, yes, genius.


Amazing meals with amazing restaurant partners.

Spectacular meals deeply planned with outstanding restaurants. Intimacy is our objective, to encourage interaction and share some truly great bottles.

Private Tastings

Opportunities to taste current offers (and some surprises).

Regular opportunities offered in our hometown of New York City to taste current offers.

Estate Visits

For customers of our estates, help organizing visits.

We will do everything possible to secure and help enhance visits to our producers.

Region Guides

We love not only our producers, but their regions.

Where to eat, where to stay, and what to see – we’ve got the insider’s list for you.


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